10 Psychology facts you need to know

  1. The same situation affects everyone very differently and we are all, at least partly, responsible for how we see it.
  2. When someone refuses to tell you what’s wrong, you tend to think that is your fault.
  3. Asking for advice is a powerful way to influence others and bring them close to you.
  4. Overthinking causes the human mind to create negative scenarios and/or replay painful memories.
  5. All of your thoughts turn into life experiences. If you dream about a trip in Paris, you`ll see everywhere signs about it.
  6. Use your tone of voice from your chest, not from your nose and you will command much respect.
  7. When feeling romantic love, people think more expansively and less analytically, have a longer-term outlook, and are more creative.
  8. Listening to 5 – 10 songs a day can improve memory, strengthen immune system and reduce depression risk by 80%.
  9. Palm and fingers are trust indicators, the more of them you show, the more people will believe what you’re saying
  10. When we are stressed, our nervous system tighten up and we lose our creativity.

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