How colors affect your body

  1. Orange
    -stimulates mental abilities
    -increases appetite
    -increases oxygen supply to the brain
  2. Yellow
    -helps to release Serotonin, causing a happy mood
    -too much exposure causes fatigue
    -speeds up metabolism
    -babies cry more in yellow rooms
    -evokes pleasant, cheerful feelings
  3. Blue
    -shooting effect on human mind
    -slows human metabolism
    -produces calm effect
    -to much exposure causes depression
    -materials in blue color appear to be light in weight
  4. Purple
    -develop spirituality and deep thoughts
    -intensifies sexual activity
    -causes frustration
    -evoke gloom and sad feelings
  5. Red
    -stimulates the adrenal gland and the neurons
    -too much exposure causes stress
    -Provokes anger and frustration
    -stimulates heartbeat and breathing
    -increases respiration rate
    -associated with energy
    -raises blood pressure
  6. Green
    -has soothing affect on the eyes
    -relaxes the body and alleviates stress
    -improves vision
    -has a healing and hygienic effect
  7. Pink
    -reduces anger and anxiety
    -denotes feminine qualities
  8. White
    -has a calming effect
    -represents a successful beginning
  9. Black
    -gives the feeling of perspective and depth
    -makes people wearing to look thin
  10. Gray
    -creates expectations

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