8 Tricks for Mastering Time Management

The way we decide to utilize our time in order to maximize our productivity in achieving certain long-term goals is called ‘time management’. If you want to not waste your time and achieve your dreams as quickly as possible, here are 8 tricks for you: FOCUS – Focus on the ‘important few’ rather than on the ‘important many’. STOP PROCRASTINATING – Most people tend to tackle easy tasks first and push out the difficult ones – don’t fail into this trap. BE EFFECTIVE – It’s not a race. Don’t try to be the most efficient, try to be the most … Continuă să citești 8 Tricks for Mastering Time Management

10 Tricks to overcome anxiety

Shyness is a common reaction when being exposed to unfamiliar situations or new people. When you are shy, you may have feelings of apprehension or awkwardness when you are around others, and will often find it uncomfortable when you need to talk to people. This can lessen, though, as you become more familiar with your surroundings and peers. Here are some tricks for you to overcome social anxiety: FOCUS – When in social situations try focusing on external things rather than yourself. BREATHE – Learn a breathing technique and practice it every day. ATTENTION – Practice attention training to help … Continuă să citești 10 Tricks to overcome anxiety

10 lessons from Buddha

What is the difference between I like you and I love you? Buddha said: when you like a flower, you just pluck it, but when you love a flower, you water it daily. One who understand this, understand life. Buddha To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks, but a special heart that listens. Buddha If they respect you, respect them. If they disrespect you, still respect them. Do not allow the actions of others to decrease your good manners, because you represent yourself, not others. … Continuă să citești 10 lessons from Buddha

Tips and tricks for self improvement

1. SELF LOVE -balanced diet -meditate -hydrate -sleep well -exercise -get checked 2. SELF IMPROVEMENT -focus -start now -keep promise -disconnect -embrace challenge -be intentional -be a mentor -be accountable 3. SELF CONFIDENCE -use affirmations -positive energy -thank yourself -focus on what you can change -forgive yourself 4. GOAL SETTING -clarify priorities -define your goals -set deadlines 5. TIME MANAGEMENT -no distractions -plan ahead -say no -prioritize -don’t procrastinate -delegate -time track If you follow all these tips, you will definitely change your life for the better! Continuă să citești Tips and tricks for self improvement

10 Psychology Facts

Seeing others positively reveals our positive traits, seeing others negatively reveals our negative traits. Your favorite song is probably your favorite because you associate it with an emotional event in your life. A hug longer than twenty seconds will release chemicals into your body that make you trust the person you’re hugging. People tend to be happier when they are kept busy, as this prevents them from thinking about the negative things in life. People are more honest when physically tired. This is why people confess things during late night conversations. Opposites don’t attract. You’re more likely to be attracted … Continuă să citești 10 Psychology Facts

Top 10 Bill Gates Quotes

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose Bill Gates I choose a lazy person to do hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. Bill Gates Life is not fair: get used to it! Bill Gates Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself. Bill Gates Television is not real life. In real life people actually have to live the coffee shop and go to job. Bill Gates I failed in some subject in an exam, but my friend … Continuă să citești Top 10 Bill Gates Quotes

Top 10 motivational quotes

1. The place between your comfort zone and your dream is where life takes place Helen Keller 2. To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest. Napoleon Hill 3. It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power. Robert T. Kiyosaki 4. Always ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. Paulo Coelho 5. Success is … Continuă să citești Top 10 motivational quotes