10 Facts about Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is the builder of your body and can heal you. Luff yourself to sleep every night with the idea of perfect health, and your subconscious, being your faithful servant, will obey you. When you have achieved a state of deep meditation, you unlock the door to your subconscious mind. That is where your power to create the life and desire lives. -Adrian Calabrese Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become reality. -Earl Nightingale The subconscious mind is ruled by suggestions, it accepts all suggestion- it doesn’t argue … Continuă să citești 10 Facts about Your Subconscious Mind

10 Psychology facts you need to know

The same situation affects everyone very differently and we are all, at least partly, responsible for how we see it. When someone refuses to tell you what’s wrong, you tend to think that is your fault. Asking for advice is a powerful way to influence others and bring them close to you. Overthinking causes the human mind to create negative scenarios and/or replay painful memories. All of your thoughts turn into life experiences. If you dream about a trip in Paris, you`ll see everywhere signs about it. Use your tone of voice from your chest, not from your nose and … Continuă să citești 10 Psychology facts you need to know

10 Psychology Facts

Seeing others positively reveals our positive traits, seeing others negatively reveals our negative traits. Your favorite song is probably your favorite because you associate it with an emotional event in your life. A hug longer than twenty seconds will release chemicals into your body that make you trust the person you’re hugging. People tend to be happier when they are kept busy, as this prevents them from thinking about the negative things in life. People are more honest when physically tired. This is why people confess things during late night conversations. Opposites don’t attract. You’re more likely to be attracted … Continuă să citești 10 Psychology Facts