10 Amazing Quotes about Universe

The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction. Rachel Carson The universe is big, its vast and complicated, and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. And that’s the theory. Nine hundred years, never seen one yet, but this would do me. Steven Moffat The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts – it gives you what you demand with your actions.  Steve Maraboli A man said to the universe: “Sir, I … Continuă să citești 10 Amazing Quotes about Universe

How colors affect your body

Orange -stimulates mental abilities -increases appetite -increases oxygen supply to the brain Yellow -helps to release Serotonin, causing a happy mood -too much exposure causes fatigue -speeds up metabolism -babies cry more in yellow rooms -evokes pleasant, cheerful feelings Blue -shooting effect on human mind -slows human metabolism -produces calm effect -to much exposure causes depression -materials in blue color appear to be light in weight Purple -develop spirituality and deep thoughts -intensifies sexual activity -causes frustration -evoke gloom and sad feelings Red -stimulates the adrenal gland and the neurons -too much exposure causes stress -Provokes anger and frustration -stimulates … Continuă să citești How colors affect your body

10 Tricks to Reduce Stress

Relax you muscles – Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) reduces cortisol, releases physical tension and helps with insomnia. Read a book – Stress declines by 68% after reading for just 5 minutes. Go outside – 20 minutes outside is enough to reduce stress levels. Even viewing nature scenes increases serotonin and boosts happiness. Keep a journal – Journaling helps to clear the mind, develop a more positive outlook, enhance self-awareness and track progress. Get the sleep back in control – REM sleep (when you dream) decreases levels of stress hormones. Take a bath – Being horizontal in water mimics the womb … Continuă să citești 10 Tricks to Reduce Stress

10 Tricks to overcome anxiety

Shyness is a common reaction when being exposed to unfamiliar situations or new people. When you are shy, you may have feelings of apprehension or awkwardness when you are around others, and will often find it uncomfortable when you need to talk to people. This can lessen, though, as you become more familiar with your surroundings and peers. Here are some tricks for you to overcome social anxiety: FOCUS – When in social situations try focusing on external things rather than yourself. BREATHE – Learn a breathing technique and practice it every day. ATTENTION – Practice attention training to help … Continuă să citești 10 Tricks to overcome anxiety

10 lessons from Buddha

What is the difference between I like you and I love you? Buddha said: when you like a flower, you just pluck it, but when you love a flower, you water it daily. One who understand this, understand life. Buddha To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks, but a special heart that listens. Buddha If they respect you, respect them. If they disrespect you, still respect them. Do not allow the actions of others to decrease your good manners, because you represent yourself, not others. … Continuă să citești 10 lessons from Buddha

Top 10 Bill Gates Quotes

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose Bill Gates I choose a lazy person to do hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. Bill Gates Life is not fair: get used to it! Bill Gates Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself. Bill Gates Television is not real life. In real life people actually have to live the coffee shop and go to job. Bill Gates I failed in some subject in an exam, but my friend … Continuă să citești Top 10 Bill Gates Quotes